Ethical Code

Our staff and volunteers get to operate in a network of world wide communities and collaborate with the locals because they are our hosts, not because they need us.

Every encounter with a local community in another country requires professional awareness and sensitivity, without which we risk doing more harm then good. 

After all, the local communities have a good and full life without us – they have families, employment and a rich culture.

In work like ours, which affects people’s lives, good intentions are not enough. Project TEN, as an organization engaged in international community-based development, is committed to international principles and values that dictate the proper path to volunteering. Project TEN’s Code of Ethics provides an additional angle for volunteers before and during work in the field.

Our volunteers are guided to do everything in their power in order to conduct themselves with cultural sensitivity through careful acquaintance and tuning in to the local perspective, not just their own. Professionalism to follow the code of ethics and the guidance of head quarters and staff on the ground, humility in working with the community, respect for the local people, proper, safe and supervised work with children and youth, respectful and limited photography policies, respectful representation of their origins and of the State of Israel, all these are principles that lead TEN’s Directors and Coordinators and the volunteers in every activity that takes place anywhere in the world.

When arriving to our centers you will be guided and handed our Code of Ethics, it would be your responsibility to enforce it in your daily life working with out host community – we trust you


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