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One of the essential expressions of the difference between strong and weakened communities is their professional human capital and accessibility to services and awareness of their strengths. Project TEN seeks to act in the field of health in the same communities the long term education volunteers live and work.

In this framework, Project TEN together with medical professional volunteers, will share share knowledge and create a long-term learning process of local professionals with the aim of bringing about a sustainable change in essential medical, treatment and rehabilitation services required in these communities. The professionals volunteers will gain an enriching and educational professional and cultural experience while developing cultural sensitivity and cultural skills that will contribute to their work even after their return to the work framework in their country.

Our main goal is to enrich and improve the health and medical services provided within hospitals, community clinics, and frameworks for people with disabilities to improve the functioning, participation, and quality of life of the residents of the local population.

Our objectives:

You will be volunteering in:

The month long volunteering delegations will take place in communities where the Project TEN operates in the world: Uganda, Ghana, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and South Africa.

Each target community has an Israeli team of Directors and coordinators. The volunteers and staff operate a local TEN center – called Books & Things which is a permanent physical structure or operates in local schools. The work at these center revolves around the development of 21st century skills among children, youth, and agents of change (educational staff and parents), through play and experimentation (sports, music, movement, science, art, nature and environment).

Thanks to this activity, Project TEN project acquaintances and deep connections with agents of change in the community – schools, community chairs, committees, and local and international NGOs. We aim to harness these working relationships to make the volunteering project of the Health professionals accessible to the wider community, and to create a professional space of care, experience and enrichment.

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Delegations will leave to the host communities three times a year: February, June, October.

The length of the delegations will be one month long, each delegation will include between 4 and 8 professionals. The professionals will undergo two days of preparation in Israel or online before leaving for the field.

The volunteers will be seasoned Jewish professionals from Israel and the diaspora, expert:

  • Health professionals – occupational therapy, physical therapy, communication clinics, nursing, nutrition, psychology, social work.
  • Doctors from different fields of specialization.
  • Special education teachers.

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