Mitzpe Ramon , Israel

Live right on the edge of one of the worlds greatest natural wonders and within a diverse and hip community in the Negev desert. Volunteer with the local community of Mitzpe Ramon and with Bedouin children and youth in the area. Be part of  a special CO-OP and work in desert agriculture breathing the southern air.

What We Do

Our Activity

The volunteers at Mitzpe Ramon divide their day volunteering in the morning hours and participating in enrichment programs in the afternoon.

They volunteer daily in Mitzpe Ramon schools teaching English and promoting mindful activities. They volunteer in a neighboring Bedouin village, Abdeh, teaching English and promoting 21st century skills through informal methods of education. Seeing as we are living in the middle of a desert wonder, our volunteers focus on learning the unique methods of desert agriculture and gardening.

Enrichment Program

 Alongside community activities, group life and learning takes place. The process of building the group is a structured and accompanying process, and includes group meetings and discussions and personal guidance.

Communal life in Mitzpe Ramon focuses on the group as well as the individual. Participants enjoy a safe and warm group life while being able to live an individual and mature experience, they are in charge of keeping their schedules, cooking, cleaning and shaping their time in the program.

In addition to volunteering, one day a week is devoted to group study of Israeli current affairs, Jewish texts, philosophical and theoretical discussions and professional learning that provides tools for work in the field. These tools should help our participants become great thinkers with a critical viewpoint of life in Israel and life back home. 

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Once every two weeks the participants stay for a group Sabbath where a ‘Kabbalat Shabbat’ is held with a festive Shabbat meal, a Beit Midrash and the volunteers enjoy some quality time as a group, as well celebrating some of the holidays together at the Center. At least once a month, we go on a trip in order to get to know the area in which we live and the State of Israel more deeply. During the trips we delve deeper into local dilemmas and issues, and during the routes, we mainly enjoy the landscapes of our country.

Residence: The volunteers share a communal house. The living room is equipped with a vegetarian kitchen and a fully equipped dining room, toilets, shower, activity room, Wi-Fi and washing machine. The home is right in the middle of the bustling Artist quarter of Mitzpe Ramon, surrounded by cafes, bars, restaurants and local artists with the back drop of an idyllic desert landscape.

Saturdays and Holidays: Every second Saturday, participants are free to go and travel around the country. The program welcomes religious and secular participants. All activities on Saturdays and Jewish holidays are suitable for traditional observers. However, every participant is free to keep the Sabbath as they see fit.

Travel Recommendations:The largest nature reserve in Israel – Makhtesh Ramon offers a rich variety of hiking trails, Ein Ovdat and the ancient Nabatean city of Avdat, a traditional Bedouin hospitality khan and the observatory.

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$4500 (for the 5 month program) that includes residence, 3 meals a day, training, having professional with you on the ground, being part of high quality programing, hikes trips and more. This price does not include flights, health insurance, Covid testing, visas and vaccinations (if needed) and free weekends. Non-Israeli participants have the opportunity to receive a travel scholarship from MASA.

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