Nir Lahav

Social Entrepreneur

Martine Fleishman

Head of the Board of Trustees


Shai Lazer

Project TEN Director

Shay was born in Austria and raised in Beer Sheva; he lived temporarily in Modi’in. Father to Shira, Noa and Omri and partner to Ravit. Shay likes eggplant and sometimes people, and is looking for meaning. He enjoys going for walks in the woods with his dog, Cookla. In the past, he directed the Jewish Agency’s “Youth Futures” program that operates for children and youth in the periphery of Israel. Today he manages Project TEN in Israel and worldwide. He likes reading, traveling and listening to music.

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Meital Edri

Recruitment and Sorting Director

Meital grew up and still lives in Jerusalem. She has a bachelor’s degree in General History and International relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Meital studied at Midreshet Natur and then commanded a special education course in the IDF camp Alon, and worked in the IBC program with Jews from around the world who came to Israel for a gap year.

She participated in the project  TEN center as a volunteer at the in Ethiopia. And now Meital is the the head of recruitment and selection for volunteers and staff in the project. She loves working in the field of education and Diaspora Jewry. Meital drinks too much coca cola, reads a lot and loves to wash dishes.

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Nadav AuD

Professional Development Director

Nadav grew up in the Jerusalem area and was a member of the Scout movement. He studied in the GLOCAL MA Program at the Hebrew University. When he was an emissary in the United States, he worked with the Jewish and Israeli communities and from there began to focus on working with youth in developing communities and countries. Apart from working with us at Project TEN, you will find him hiking or playing and it is true that he still does not have a dog (he promises that he will soon), but in the meantime he is content with plants that grow in his apartment in Jerusalem.

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Yuval Barda

Professional Development Director

Yuval holds an MA degree in Developing countries and Sustainable development from Tel Aviv University, She lives in Moshav Talmei Yechiel with her partner Shlomi and their dog JJ. After graduating and finishing a water quality project in Tanzania, she realized that this was her passion and the field she wanted to pursue, so she found her way to the Project TEN. Yuval worked in the Ministry of Agriculture, and loves the field, her hobbies are the sea, to travel in Israel and around the world, ride a bicycle and read.

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Tamar Aziz

Marketing and International Partnerships Director

Seems like Tamar does not want to leave Africa. She has a BA in Hebrew literature and Political science from Ben Gurion University in the Negev. She directed the Project TEN Uganda center for two years and now works for head quarters as Marketing and International recruitment director. Tamar grew up in Jerusalem and worked a lot with the asylum seekers and refugees in Israel before moving to Africa. She loves cooking and traveling but hates cleaning and she misses cottage cheese.



Tom Rozental

Director of the TEN center Uganda

Tom Rosenthal, Our new Uganda director has been with Project TEN for a long time. In 2017 Tom spent 3 months as a volunteer in Ghana and then came to volunteer in Uganda. After she finished her time volunteering, she could not get enough of the community, the center and the country and she stayed on as a coordinator for a year and a half. After spending a year back in Kibbutz Gal-Ed she applied to be the new director of the center and can’t wait to get back to work doing what she does best – Informal methods of education with Project TEN!

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Yuval Nur Sella

Education Coordinator TEN Uganda

Yuval was born in the Yizrael Valley and was the commander of officers in the IDF. She dreamed of coming to Africa from the age of 15. She volunteered at Project TEN and the experience has changed her forever. After the volunteering period she continued to travel in many different countries. Lived and breathe the heart of the continent.It was not long before she came back for a second round in Africa, this time in Uganda, as a coordinator.Yuval loves the project and believes in it with all her heart. She is excited to give from her experience as a volunteer in the project and her knowledge in art and creation, non-formal education, guidance, and as a traveler who has experienced Africa – to the next generation of volunteers. 


Benjamin Atwome

Education Coordinator, Uganda

Benjie has a BA in Art from Nagenda College, the International College of Art and Design situated near our center in Namulanda, Uganda. He was always passionate about social action and social change. The recurring theme in his artwork is social activism and “art-ivism”. Benjie describes his work as coordinator at Project TEN. “Project TEN has opened me up to new perspectives of the world around me. Working with young people in my community, watching them play, learn and grow – that gives me reason to look forward to tomorrow. I feel I am part of a great cause and that improving the whole of society and humanity is each of our collective responsibilities”.


Tamar Rabin

Director of the TEN center in Ghana

Tamar Rabin has a BA in Communication and Psychology from IDC Hertzeliya which she began after five and a half years in the IDF. Tamar has lots of experience working with children from different backgrounds, from special needs children to prisoner’s children. After graduating Tamar traveled in the east and volunteered in Cambodia and Nepal while traveling through the countries. When she returned to Israel she ran volunteering trips in India and in Israel. Tamar is super excited to join Project TEN Ghana and to get involved with this wonderful colorful country.


Obed Sackey

Education and Agriculture Coordinator in Ghana

Obed was born and raised in Awutu Bawajise, and attended the Education University of Winneba graduating with a BA in Mathematics. Abed is passionate about programs that promote social change and before arriving to Project TEN he worked for an empowerment program in a church in Winneba. Obed hopes that being part of Project TEN will will open a world of opportunity for him to express his capabilities as well as to learn more effective ways of creating positive change in his community and in Africa as a whole.

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Nir Komem

Education Coordinator in the TEN Ghana Project

Nir took part in diverse social backgrounds, which included working with a variety of populations. Among other things – working with youth as part of a year of service in Nazareth, accompanying children with special needs in the “Aleh” Negev rehabilitation village and guiding children in the Jordan River village. After a long military service in the Intelligence unit, and working for the news company N12, Nir arrives at Project TEN with a passion for meaningful action, an interesting encounter with the local culture and motivation to create new projects in the field that will help community members in Winneba.

Mabe Ghaan

Mable Otchie

Education Coordinator in the TEN Ghana Project

Mable was born in Ada in the Greater Accra region of Ghana and acquired my BA degree in Winneba. She is  passionate for teaching children from different parts of Ghana. she loves exploring and learning new things in any circumstances.  With Project TEN she is excited to contribute effectively to changing Ghanaian society and creating vibrant generation equipped with 21st century skills.


Faiz Swead

Co-director of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf

Faiz’s greatest love is meeting people. One of the founders of the Project TEN at “Sha’ar LeAdam” in Harduf. He lives in Sawa’ed and is involved in various initiatives in Harduf, among them “Beit Elisha” – an initiative for treating special needs adults and “Tuvia” Boarding School for children and youth at risk. Faiz comes from a background of social work, informal education, and coexistence in settings with diverse and varied populations.


Naamah Tzur

Co-director of the TEN Center in Kibbutz Harduf

Naama is a certified tour guide with a rich background in guided tours, educational tourism and art studies all over the country. Since 2016, she has accompanied the program in Kibbutz Harduf and the various groups with dedication and professionalism and most importantly – with a smile. She lives in Kibbutz Harduf with her partner, a Kibbutz native. Together, they raise a sweet girl, who is the lead assistant to Project TEN in Harduf.

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Ximena Sulimovich

Director of Project TEN Mexico

Ximena was born in Uruguay and moved to Israel where she lived for the last 12 years. She got her B.A. in communications from IDC Herzlyia (Reichman University) and a M.A. in Social Work – Trauma from Haifa University. From a very young age she volunteered as a youth mentor in different organizations both in Uruguay and Israel, and for the last 5 years has been working as a social worker with youth at risk in Israel.
Ximena absolutely loves traveling, the beach, good food and music, so she is very excited to be in a country like Mexico, were she can get a good dose of all of those things while doing what she loves and feeling closer to her Latin American roots.

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Uriel Sulimovich

Education Coordinator TEN Mexico

Uri was born in Uruguay and although he has lived in Israel for the past 8 years, he is still the most Uruguayan person you will ever meet. Back in Israel, Uri was a dog trainer, and worked to rehabilitate abused animals. Throughout his childhood and adolescence in Uruguay Uri was part of a Jewish youth movement in which he had the opportunity to learn about in-formal education, connect with children and youth and be involved in community activism. Now, in Mexico working as a TEN coordinator Uri feels he can reconnect with children and education in general, he can feel a little closer to home and to his Latin roots, and still be connected to Israelis and my Israeli side. Uri brought his lovely Dog to Mexico and she lives with him and his wife Ximena at the volunteer center!

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Or Wiener

Director of Project TEN South Africa

Or joined Project TEN after many years of experience working with at-risk youth in non-formal education settings and believes in the ability of people to find strength and change things for themselves and others.

Or graduated significant combat service in the IDF even received a medal from the IDF Chief of Staff.

In his free time, he likes to travel with a special emphasis on the desert. Or always claims that the silence of the desert finds its way in and helps create inner peace. In addition to playing the guitar, Or loves to cook – especially on bonfires and to read thriller novels.



Merose Haran

Director of Project TEN Mitzpe Ramon

Meroz has been living in Mitzpe Ramon for the last 10 years and claims it is the prettiest place in Israel. For this past decade she has been counseling, coordinating and accompanying educational programs for young Jews from around the world. Meroz is a local tour guide and teaches local Israeli children to love the country!

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Maya jalon

Director of Project TEN Cambodia

Maya, Our new director in Project TEN Cambodia grew up in Tel Aviv, and studied at the Thelma Yellin Anthroposophical School and the High School of the Arts.

She did her BA in Philosophy and Education in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her MA in Berlin, Germany focusing on Global studies.

She is joining Project TEN after working with refugees and Asylum seekers in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

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