Vision and Goals

Young volunteers from Israel and the Jewish diaspora acting together for the advancement of social resilience of underserved populations and communities around the world. Activities are conducted in cooperation with local organizations in the spirit of universal Jewish values, so as to represent the Jewish People and the state of Israel in a dignified manner. Volunteers leverage their experience to become involved social leaders in their home communities.

Our Objectives

  • Advance social action, Tikkun Olam, and improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations around the world.
  • Develop and promote partnerships and alliances with local communities on sustainable models of intervention in the fields of education and community.
  • Cultivate ties between young Israelis and their Diaspora peers, based on shared values and commitment to the Jewish people.
  • Contribute to the personal and Jewish development of the volunteers and help shape their world view. 
  • Build a network of active and committed Jewish adults who are committed to their home communities. 
  • Improve the image and bolster the position of the State of Israel around the world.

Our work principles lead us, keep us focused and help us achieve our objectives:

An organizational Identity, which is clear and can be implemented in all Project TEN programming.

Building a network between Project TEN Centers worldwide.

Communal orientation, which is strengthening and cultivates growth.

Clear and defined educational activity in the physical center/space, while ensuring a safe and accessible space.

A structured model and adoptable means for the local community.

The use of methodologies of Informal Education as well as those of empowerment and shared involvement.

Incorporating activities that connect parents and children and ensuring the parents’ involvement in services provided to their children.

Systematically exporting and implementing the educational approach, knowledge and tools through training local agents of change (Train the Trainers).

A clean work plan that guides the active staff in head quarters and in the field.

Systematic measurement and evaluation that enables flexibility, learning capabilities, improvement and adaptability

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