Our volunteer work

Promoting independent and innovative individuals with strong commitments to their community and society:

The educational model of Project TEN seeks to develop and nurture a student who views himself as an active, innovative, take-control individual; Committed to his surroundings and the community and strives to have a positive impact on his social environment.

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Our Educational Model

The curriculum of the educational environment of Project TEN is mainly informal and is based on experiences of a playful nature whose purpose is to strengthen the beneficiaries experience as learners and motivate them to “take initiative”.

 At the Project TEN Educational Centers, learners participate in different types of playing spaces: sports, music, movement, science, art, land and environment, thinking games, board games, self-story, leadership.

During these educational experiences the participants acquire different aspects of “21st Century Skills” the that are consistent with the educational goals of Project TEN: A sense of competence, adaptability, initiative, responsibility, independent thinking, problem solving and teamwork.

The educational setting is based on the volunteer’s ability to create a communicative, respectful and reflective environment that allows participants a space for thinking, experiencing and personal growth.

Books & Things Educational Center

In each of the Project TEN locations around the world, there is a physical space called – BOOKS & THINGS – that serves the community as an educational center where the project volunteers work together with local volunteers hand in hand.

In some countries, the educational center operates within the schools in the model of an enrichment room.

The activities at the educational-community center are intended for children and youth, but as part of the systemic vision which is fundamental to the project, the volunteers at the center also work with change agents in the community – parents, teachers and key figures in the community.


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